The Building Stronger People Foundation Inc. is a private charitable family foundation incorporated in Texas. It is governed by a board of two generations. The Foundation is operated by a small staff located in Southwest Houston. BSPFinc places priority on organizations and programs that serve residents in Houston and surroundings areas, principally in the fields of life coaching, career coaching, health and fitness coaching and consulting.

The Foundation’s funding focus on educating and serving the public from teens of age thirteen to adults of late fifties preparing them for real world experiences and for adults who are trying to maintain and stay balanced in life.

Our Mission 

Mission:  To inspire and motivate all parents, young adults and teens to know and understand that they can be whatever they strive to be. A loving family, better person, career oriented.

Our vision for our teens and young adults is to help them view success while motivating them to stay on track to graduate from high school or college. We help them to understand that to be a good and successful person for the future the key is to posses good character, citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our vision for our parents is to help them understand that although parenting can be a challenge at times it is also very rewarding. To be a first point of contact for teens and young adults bring support, motivation, love, compassion and understanding that can be carried on through our children. 

Our vision for relationships is for couples to understand that a strong solid foundation doesn't happen alone. It takes teamwork, love, understanding, humility, support and compassion to build on that foundation to have a relationship that stands the test of time.